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I am increasingly being asked by companies (small and large) to help them create corporate yoga programs.  We all know that, when we are healthy, we are more able to face challenges and give our best to anything we undertake - and the working world is clearly waking up to this idea too.

Many of the yogis who come to my classes in their own time, do so to help them cope with the pressures of their lives - work stress being the number one factor.  Yoga gives them the time, space and opportunity to leave a long, hard day or week behind.  I absolutely love that businesses are now starting to recognize the benefits of yoga and some are now even incorporating lessons into their working day - to me, it shows just how much they care.

Want to bring yoga into your workplace?

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We adore Andy and love having her to teach yoga at McCann. She has a brilliant ability to tailor her classes to all levels and make everyone feel comfortable and at ease. She’s worked with us for nearly three years, so we consider her one of the family!
— Harriet Shurville, Head of People at McCann London